20 May 2007

PR# 2007-387

ANSF, ISAF unite in engagements, defeat Taliban in Ghazni province

FORWARD OPERATING BASE SALERNO, Afghanistan – A large number of Taliban fighters were killed Saturday evening by direct and indirect fire during a series of engagements with Afghan National Security Forces and International Security Assistance Forces in Ghazni province.

In addition, five suspected insurgents were detained during an investigation of the area of conflict.

The series of engagements occurred in the Qara Bagh district where several small groups of fighters were reported by a combined military patrol.  The patrol was attacked and requested artillery and aviation support, which accounted for most of the insurgent casualties.

Four of the enemy wounded were medically evacuated to ISAF medical centers for medical treatment.

ISAF officials credit the recent increase in stability to the cooperation between local villagers, elders and leaders with the Afghan National Security Forces and local governments, as well as the increase in security forces throughout Eastern Afghanistan.

“The people have said enough to the bloodshed and intimidation and are reporting criminals and insurgents; they are also closing off their lands and villages to them,” said Maj. Donald Korpi, spokesman with the unit involved. 

“Every insurgent fighter that is either removed from the populace or killed increases the security and opportunity for all Afghan citizens.  During the last couple of days the combined efforts of the ANSF and ISAF have resulted in the removal of over 100 enemy fighters,” said Korpi.

There are no reports of civilian casualties.

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