16 May 2007

PR# 2007-375

ISAF statement on border shooting

KABUL, Afghanistan – On May 14 an ISAF delegation accompanied by Afghan provincial leaders traveled to Teri Mangel, Pakistan to facilitate a border security meeting between their Afghan and Pakistan allies. 

The purpose of the meeting was to lessen the tensions from Afghanistan-Pakistan border incidents of the previous 48 hours.  The meeting was described by participants as cordial and productive.

Following the meeting and prior to the ISAF-and-Afghan delegation’s departure, an individual reported to be wearing a Pakistan Frontier Corps uniform, “in a heinous and despicable act, fired as an assassin, into the group that had come with peaceful aims,” said Lt. Col. Maria Carl, ISAF spokesperson.

One ISAF soldier was killed and 4 others in the delegation were wounded.  ISAF soldiers returned fire in self-defense.  ISAF expects a full investigation of this incident by the Pakistani military. 

“We will continue to dialogue with our Afghan and Pakistani allies to promote better security and greater cooperation.  We are confident that our Pakistani allies seek the same goals,” Carl said.

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