1 May 2007

PR# 2007-348

Transfer of Authority in Regional Command-South

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Command of the International Security and Assistance Force Regional Command-South officially changed hands at a transfer-of-authority ceremony here today.

Maj. Gen. Jacko Page, of the United Kingdom, assumed command from Maj. Gen. Ton van Loon, of the Netherlands, during a ceremony presided over by Gen. Dan McNeill, ISAF commander.

General Page said his focus is continuing to improve the lives of Afghans.

“While security is a critical part of the equation, ensuring development can take place to improve the lives of ordinary Afghans will remain a priority in the south,” General Page said.  

“All of us, whether it be ISAF, the Afghan authorities, the international community or Afghans, are working towards the goal of a stable, peaceful and prosperous Afghanistan. It is my belief that during my time as commander, Regional Command-South I can build on our previous successes and continue to make real, tangible progress,” General Page added.

General van Loon talked about the progress RC-South has made during his past six months as commander.

“As for the Afghan proverb, I can honestly say to General Page, that the drops of water of six months ago have now transformed into a deepening stream, eroding the ground and slowly widening and picking up speed,” General van Loon said.  “In all humility, there is still a way to go until a raging river can be seen, but if all of us keep adding drops of water progress will continue.”

General Page recently commanded the UK’s high-readiness deployable staff at Permanent Joint Headquarters Northwood.

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