28 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-345

Operation Achilles update – ISAF troops continue to progress into Sangin Valley

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Multinational International Security Assistance Force and Afghan National Security Forces taking part in Operation Achilles have continued their advance into the lower Sangin Valley. This action is the latest in a series of sub-operations under Operation Achilles and commenced in the early hours of Monday in the area around Gereshk in the east of Helmand province. 

The operation is still ongoing, but it has already successfully destroyed several positions used by the Taliban extremists to launch harassing attacks and is meant to stabilize the ongoing reconstruction and development in Helmand province. 

“In early March ISAF launched Operation Achilles to increase security conditions in the northern region of Helmand province. This will allow the Government of Afghanistan (GOA) to start the various short-, medium- and long-term Reconstruction and Development initiatives.”, said Maj. Gen. Ton van Loon, Regional Command South commander. “Today’s actions will further reduce the insurgent’s ability to de-stabilize the GOA.  And by doing so, we are one step closer to creating a secure, stable and prosperous environment in which the planned reconstruction and development can take place.”

“Given the ways and tactics of the extremists’ forces, we continue to take great care in the planning and conduct of all operations to avoid civilian casualties and limit collateral damage,” the general added.

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