21 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-322

ISAF troops surprise extremist bombers

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – ISAF forces operating in Northern Helmand today surprised a couple of Taliban extremists while on patrol.  The patrol was operating in the same area where two ISAF soldiers were tragically killed in two separate explosions earlier this morning. 

The extremist were successfully engaged by ISAF troops as they attempted to escape from the area.  They had in their possession Improvised Explosive Device (IED) making material.  One extremist was killed, and another was captured and evacuated to an ISAF facility for treatment. 

“Operation Achilles is having a significant impact on Taliban extremists in the area. They are now resorting to asymmetric attacks by using IED and mines now that their forces have been significantly reduced,” said Major General Ton van Loon, the Commander of RC-South.

“The goal of Achilles is to improve security conditions in the area for development and reconstruction projects to begin offering young Afghans an alternative source of income than to side with the Taliban extremists and their narcotics trafficking associates.”

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