8 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-287

Laghman leaders pledge progress, prosperity at ‘Partnership Luncheon’

JALALABAD AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Laghman government officials and provincial reconstruction team personnel attended a “Partnership Luncheon” April 6 at Forward Operating Base Mehtar Lam.  The partnership luncheon was an informal event allowing Laghman Governor Gulab Mangal and other provincial officials to meet incoming PRT leaders and spend a bit more time with outgoing friends and colleagues.

The governor praised the efforts of Lt Col Brad Bredenkamp, the outgoing PRT commander, and welcomed Lt Col Robert Ricci, the incoming PRT commander.  “The people of Laghman will never forget the work the PRT has done for us,” Mangal said during the event. “I deeply appreciate and welcome those friends who are coming to work on the reconstruction in this province with us. I will pray for both teams.”   

Mangal works closely with the Mehtar Lam PRT commander, his “partner” in provincial administration. The partners keep each other informed on all activities relevant to their mission. They frequently discuss governance, economic development and area reconstruction.

Bredenkamp replied in kind to the governor’s warm words.  “As our year of working side-by-side with the government and elders of Laghman comes to a close, we felt it was very important to gather together and introduce everyone in order to ensure the wonderful and productive relationships we have established continue,” Bradenkamp said.  “I hope that the people of Laghman will embrace the new PRT with a spirit of friendship and cooperation so they and these local leaders can continue to move Laghman forward toward increased security and prosperity,” he added.    

The government officials and PRT personnel pledged to work together for the greater cause of the citizens of Laghman Province.

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