7 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-278

ISAF’s Romanian forces working closely with ANSF

ZABUL, Afghanistan – ISAF’s Romanian forces and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) in Zabul Province have conducted hundreds of joint security patrols throughout their area of operation over the last few months.

“Since Romanians and Afghan forces started working closely together, a great bond has been created between the two nations. We have learned a lot from our Afghan brothers and we have passed on our experiences as well,” stated Captain Mihai Marius, Task Force Zabul Spokesperson.

Along with security patrols and joint operation, a combined Quick Reaction Force has been created to provide immediate assistance when needed throughout the Area of Operation. “Even though there are differences in tactics, languages, equipment and culture, our overall mission; providing a secure environment for the people of Zabul is the same. It is this overall goal that binds us together,” added Capt Marius.

A final addition to this strong partnership is Task Force Zabul’s role in mentoring and training the ANSF. The final goal is for the ANSF to be well positioned to provide the long term security needs for the Province of Zabul. “They are amazing soldiers; driven and motivated and ready to learn.”

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