7 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-274

ISAF Regional Command-Capital
change of command

KABUL, Afghanistan – On Friday, April 6, a ceremony was held in Camp Warehouse, Kabul, to observe the change of command of Regional Command Capital (RC-C).  French Brigadier General Pierre de Villiers, transferred authority to Turkish Brigadier General Kasim Erdum after commanding there for four months.

During the ceremony Brig Gen de Villiers thanked his troops for their efforts in providing security and stability in the capital in order to enable reconstruction and development.  Brig Gen de Villiers commented “I want to state my deepest wishes for continued success in the mission under command of Brig Gen Erdem.

Brig Gen Erdem said, “I would like to start with expressing my deepest respect to those who lost their lives in ISAF operations. And I also wish peace and prosperity to the Afghan nation. We will put another brick on the wall in ensuring security and stability in the RC-C region.”   

General Dan McNeill, Commander ISAF, thanked Brig Gen De Villiers on the success of mission and wished similar success to Brig Gen Erdem.

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