5 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-267

ISAF PRT opens women’s shelter in Meymanah

MEYMANEH, Afghanistan – ISAF’s Meymaneh Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) opened a new shelter house for women in Maymaneh, in the province of Faryab, April 3. The shelter will provide a safe haven for victims of domestic violence and other women in need of shelter.

“I wish we did not need a shelter house like this. But the sad fact is that all modern nations need shelter houses for women. We have to accept that the problem of domestic violence exists and by providing the victims a shelter we can start solving the problems,” said Lt Col Arne Opperud, commander of PRT Meymaneh at the opening ceremony of the house.

The new shelter house is run by the Department of Women’s Affairs in Faryab. Before this shelter was built, victims of domestic violence had been allowed to stay in the office building of the Department.  There are two sleeping rooms, a bathroom and a workshop in the new shelter building.

The initiative for this shelter was taken by the women of Faryab.  In his comments to the women at the opening ceremony, Lt Col Opperud remarked, “[This is] one of the first shelter houses in Afghanistan.  You are now in the forefront, working for development and women’s rights. This is also a perfect example of how the PRT should support development – not by taking the lead, but by standing behind you and offering support when needed,” Lt Col Opperud said.

The building of the house cost US$35,000 and the funding was provided by Norway.

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