4 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-263

ISAF and local nationals work together at Lagman PRT

ZABUL, Afghanistan – At the ISAF Lagman Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) compound, many local Afghan workers help to facilitate the needs of the base. From masons to construction specialists, from truck drivers to carpenters, the base couldn’t function without assistance from the local job force.

“Their work is vital for the daily operation of the base. Our soldiers work hard and without the day to day work being done by the local Afghan workforce, we wouldn’t have the type of facilities our troops need in order to function at full capacity,” stated Captain Mihai Marius, Task Force Zabul spokesperson.

The Lagman PRT presently employs close to 400 local Afghans and the majority of them are originally from Qalat; however some do come from Kandahar City. 

“Having the opportunity to interact with the local population on a daily basis in this way also has a very positive impact on the ISAF personnel here that do not leave the base often as it is a daily reminder of why we are here; for the people of Afghanistan,” Capt Marius added.

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