2 Apr 2007

PR# 2007-261

ISAF helps GoA in flood relief effort

KABUL, Afghanistan – Following the recent flooding in central and eastern Afghanistan, the Government of Afghanistan requested help for ISAF forces to evacuate people from affected areas.  ISAF helicopters from Task Force Iron Grey, based at Bagram Airfield, and helicopters from the Methar Lam Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) were called in to deliver humanitarian aid for distribution by the Red Crescent.  ISAF reconnaissance aircraft were also used to examine the extent of the flooding to help in the relief effort.

The most severe flooding is in Shin Wari and Sayed Khel districts in Parwan province, where the Ministry of Interior requested ISAF help in rescuing 350 people from the rising waters.  Helicopters delivered 30 days worth of food and other humanitarian aid for 2500 people displaced by the flooding.  The World Food Programme delivered food for 1000 people in this area.  The Salang Pass, on Highway 1 was also blocked by a subsequent avalanche.

In Nagahar province, in areas surrounding Jalalabad, and towards Asadabad, ISAF’s Methar Lam PRT also delivered humanitarian aid in the form of tarpaulins, blankets, clothes, as well as food.

Kabul was also affected with 100 houses completely underwater and 640 homes having to be evacuated.  Two key bridges were partially washed away by the torrents of water. 

ISAF PRTs offered assistance to the GoA in the form of reconnaissance flights, to assess the extent of the damage caused by the many floods, as well as to search for trapped people.  For example, Meymana PRT was prepared to help in the evacuation of 900 families at the request of Afghan authorities and Asadabad PRT also worked with UNAMA to evacuate 400 Afghans from the flood waters.

“The Afghan government is taking charge to make the necessary repairs across Afghanistan,” said Col Tom Collins, chief ISAF spokesman.  “ISAF stands ready to help wherever we can.”

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