29 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-245

German tennis club donates school tents

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan – Two new school tents were donated to the people of Lalamaidan village, Ali Abad district, March 25. The donation of tents, which cost US$2100, was from charitable donations from a Eutin tennis club in Eutin, in eastern Germany.

The acting-commander of Kunduz Provincial Reconstruction Team, Lt Col Frank Ennen, participated in the opening ceremony along side the head of the District Education Department, Sayed Abdul Qadir, and local elders.

"These new school tents are improving the education situation for the 600 school children in the local Madrassa at the start of the new Afghan school year. Education is one important part in all attempts to rebuild Afghanistan," Lt Col Ennen said.

Until the tents were donated the school children were taught outside and had no shelter from the weather conditions.

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