27 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-237

PST donation to ANP families

BAKWA, Afghanistan - The Police Support Team recently donated food and clothing to the families of ANP soldiers killed by a landmine in Bakwa, March 12. Nine families were left fatherless when the newly-appointed Chief of Police, Sofi Kiram, and eight of his soldiers were killed in the Bakwa district of Farah Province.

The Police Support Team, led by U.S. Major Danl Connelly, collected bags of rice, wheat and oil sent from Herat and combined them with donations of shoes, toys, coats and other clothes sent from families and friends back home in the USA. “We sent one jingle truck full of donations to police headquarters with the request that they disperse that to the families of the police that have been killed recently,” says Maj Connelly.

Seven-year-old Abdul Khaleq lost his father in the attack. “I am not the first person who lost his or her father in an attack,” he says. “Thousands of Afghan children have lost their fathers, brothers and parents. I was martyred because my father was working to make life safer for others. It makes me very sad because now I don’t have someone to encourage me to learn. I don’t have anyone to call my father.”

Despite his father’s death, Khaleq believes his father died for a good cause, a cause that Khaleq intends to support when he grows up. “I want to be a police officer in the future, like my father. I will continue in my father’s path. I promise that one day I will be able to fight against those people who killed my father and the other ANP.

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