27 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-236

ISAF PRT helps local economy

KANADAHAR, Afghanistan - Cash-for-work is an important part of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team’s Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities.  This program injects much-needed money into the local economy and gets repairs or rehabilitation projects completed quickly.  An example of the kind of work being carried out was recent canal cleaning, which was a major cash-for-work project.  The efforts of the workers were noticeable during the recent rains that have fallen in Kandahar Province, with the local canals flowing quickly, but not flooding.

While many of the projects have taken place outside Kandahar city limits, especially in the Panjwayi and Zharey districts, some have impacted the city itself.

“We have visited many schools in the area and we noticed that the children at Sufi Shuhib Girls’ School had to walk through garbage in order to get to school.  We knew this needed to be addressed, so we contracted a crew of local workers to clean the area,” said Captain Rhonda Matthews, a CIMIC projects officer based at Camp Nathan Smith.  “The workers took 2 days to clear the area and now the girls have a better walk to school,” she added.

The work doesn’t stop there, however.  To follow traditional Afghan culture, the next phase is to raise the school’s front wall so that the privacy of the girls inside the school is maintained.  “The bids are in and hopefully we will start the work within one week,” said Capt Matthews, noting that once the paperwork is signed, the work begins very quickly.

Once all the work is complete, the girls of the Sufi Shuhib Girls’ School will be able to travel to classes on clean walkways and not have to worry about their security once inside.

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