26 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-234

ANP, ISAF detain two in Logar Province

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Afghan National Police (ANP) and ISAF forces engaged a small group of extremists on the evening of 24 March after rendering aid to an Afghan truck driver who had received a gunshot wound near Puli-Alam in Logar Province.

ISAF soldiers were conducting a counter-mortar patrol when they heard shots being fired.  After investigating the gunfire, the ISAF soldiers encountered a wounded Afghan in a jingle truck and immediately began providing aid to him.  ANP were called to secure the scene of the incident.  

A few minutes later, ISAF forces saw four to five armed men entering a nearby compound.  ISAF forces warned the men to stop.  When the men did not stop, a patrol from the ANP entered the compound and was immediately attacked by two men armed with AK-47s. 

ANP forces successfully secured the compound, detaining two men.  There were no injuries reported to either ISAF or Afghan forces as a result of the operation.

“Due to the quick, professional response of the ANP, no ISAF, ANP or Afghan civilians were injured or killed during the execution of this operation,” said Col Martin Schweitzer, ISAF’s Task Force Fury commander. “Afghan forces are refining and fine-tuning their tactics everyday. The Afghan people should be proud as their security forces proved once again they will not be intimidated by criminals.”

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