25 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-233

ISAF CIMIC teams help Kandahar City schools

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Yesterday, members of ISAF’s Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) team in Kandahar and Canadian Forces engineers visited Malalai High School in Kandahar City, to assess the situation of the city’s schools.  For Afghan children, their school year begins after Now Ruz (which was celebrated on March 21) and the school year lasts for 9 months.

Working out of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team’s (PRT) base in Camp Nathan Smith, the CIMIC team reaches out to Afghans to help provide a link between Afghans and their government.  “This helps Afghans understand their government, how it works, and where they can go for aid and assistance.  CIMIC teams will also provide immediate assistance if there is a requirement.  This assistance could come in the form of projects to clear canals and allow water flow, digging of wells, or rehabilitation of buildings,” said Sqn Ldr Dave Marsh, an RC-South spokesman.

The PRT consists of Canadian Forces members, a civilian police contingent led by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Correctional Services Canada, representatives of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade and the Canadian International Development Agency. “The PRT conducts coordinated interdepartmental operations to promote good governance, assists the Government of Afghanistan in extending its authority in the province of Kandahar, and facilitates the development of a stable, secure and self-sustaining environment for the people of Afghanistan,” said Marsh.

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