24 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-229

Afghan civilian, ANSF defeat suicide-bomber attack

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan –An Afghan civilian and Afghan National Security Forces thwarted a suicide bomber intent on harming ISAF personnel March 17 in the Pech District of Kunar Province.

The ANSF prevented the attack on ISAF forces by running down the suicide bomber 300 meters into a field away from ISAF’s Task Force Chosin combat vehicle patrol base.

“The actions of the ANSF demonstrated these men are passionate about defending their families and neighbors from enemy violence,” said Col John Nicholson, Task Force Spartan commander. “It showcases the progress national forces have made in developing a strong, dedicated and competent fighting force. Finally, it demonstrates the support of the Afghan people for their government, the ANSF and ISAF forces. We owe them a tremendous debt of gratitude for their bravery,” he said.

An Afghan civilian had heard of the impending suicide attack and was on his way to warn ISAF forces at the vehicle checkpoint when he spotted the would-be-bomber. He immediately reported the suspect to the Afghan National Police.

ANP members confronted the suspect, causing him to flee into a field as they gave pursuit. Afghan National Army soldiers joined the chase and cornered the suspect, demanding he surrender.

The suicide bomber self-detonated, causing minor wounds to two ANA soldiers and an Afghan civilian. The wounded ANA soldiers were evacuated and received medical treatment at an ANA facility while the civilian was taken to a facility in the provincial capital of Asadabad for care.

“This demonstrates in a concrete way the kind of impact the ANSF and ISAF partners have made on the Pech over the last year,” Nicholson said

“A year ago, the people living along the valley were completely intimidated by the enemy,” Nicholson added. “The threat of enemy retribution scared them so badly that most were afraid even to talk with our troops or the ANSF. Now those same people are working closely with Afghan and Coalition forces to defeat the enemy, in a few short months.”

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