24 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-226

Two ANP killed and five injured by IED in Paktika

KHOWST, Afghanistan – Yesterday, two Afghan policemen were killed and five injured by an improvised explosive device in Paktika Province.  

The ANP was conducting a patrol near the Kushamond District Center at

2:30 p.m. when an IED detonated next to its vehicle.

The ANP cordoned off the area, began administering first aid to the wounded and requested medical evacuation assistance from International Security Assistance Forces through the Paktika Coordination Center.

Four of the wounded ANP were medically evacuated to an ISAF base medical facility, where three are listed in critical condition and one in stable condition.

The remaining injured police officer was transported to a local hospital where he is in stable condition.

“We are privileged to work along side such great professionals.  These men who died and were wounded today are heroes.  They realized the future of Afghanistan rests in its people.  Once again the terrorists have shown no regard for human life or peace,” said Col Martin Schweitzer, commander of ISAF forces in eastern Afghanistan.  “The quick action and joint response by both the ANP and medical evacuation team was directly responsible for saving lives.” 

Schweitzer said that U.S. forces offer rewards to people who provide credible information on weapon caches, IEDs and terrorist activities and he urges any citizen with information on extremist activity and IEDs to contact local security forces.

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