24 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-079

Shura held with Village Elders in Ghorak

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – ISAF, Afghan National Security Forces and local Elders held a Shura in Ghorak, March 22.

The Commander of the 205th Afghan National Army Corps, the Regional Commander of the Afghanistan National Police, along with senior ISAF Regional Command South and American 1st-508th representatives had an opportunity to engage with local Elders and discuss concerns, issues and matters related to Operation Achilles.

“Any occasion, our forces have to converse, share ideas and listen to concerns from Elders is vital to our success; for it provides us an opportunity to ensure that what we do serves the people of Afghanistan in the best possible way,” stated Major General Ton van Loon, Commander, ISAF Regional Command South.

“My staff were present today and have taken note of the concerns village Elders shared with us and I will direct my staff to ensure that issues raised today are addressed through the appropriate channels,” he added.

Today’s Shura was possible due to the presence of the American 1st-508th in Ghorak and through the daily interactions the troops are having with local villagers due to Operation Achilles.

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