23 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-223

Tragic incident involving ISAF convoy

KABUL, Afghanistan – At approximately 9 p.m. yesterday, in the east of Kabul City, an Afghan child was killed when a vehicle failed to heed warnings not to approach an ISAF security cordon.

The security cordon had been established around an ISAF armoured vehicle which had stopped due to mechanical problems. The civilian approached in a vehicle and despite verbal warnings from ISAF troops, failed to stop.  The vehicle continued to accelerate towards the ISAF vehicle.  ISAF soldiers subsequently fired in self defense.

ISAF personnel administered immediate first aid at the scene of the incident, but unfortunately, the child died of wounds.

ISAF deeply regrets the loss of life and injury to civilians. It is unknown why the vehicle failed to stop when clear signals were given, and a full and thorough investigation into the circumstances of the incident has commenced.

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