20 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-210

Turkey Donates Military Equipment

KABUL, Afghanistan – On Thursday, March 15, a ceremony was held in Camp Dogan, Kabul, for the handover of military equipment and material donated by Turkey to Afghanistan.  Gen Dan McNeill, Commander of ISAF, Lt Gen Muhammad Cevheri, Deputy Minister of Defense, Senator Baktar Aminzai, Senator Muhammad Efzal were in attendance, alongside civilian and military representatives from the Turkish troops working for ISAF, based at the camp.

The equipment includes military clothes and accessories, mobile field kitchens, mobile bath units, compasses, binoculars, sportswear, dining kits and stationery items.  In total, the donated items cost US$1 million.

During the ceremony, Col Haydar Ates, Turkish Task Force Commander in Afghanistan and Deputy Commander of Regional Command Capital (RC-C), said, “Throughout history, there has been a friendship between Afghanistan and Turkey and this donation added another link to the chain between us. Turkey has been providing training to the Afghan Army since the 1920s. In the last four years 172 Afghan officers have been trained in Turkey, with now 24 officers and 31 military students are being trained.”

“The Turkish contingent, embedded to ISAF's RC-C, continues to support the Afghan people's basic needs, such as a water supply, medical aid, education as well as contributing to the security of the country.  The Turkish hospital in Camp Dogan has also examined approximately 1200 people each month,” he added.

Lt Gen Muhammad Cevheri thanked the Republic of Turkey for the donation on behalf of the Minister of Defense. He said: “Turkey and Afghanistan always help each other when they need. This donation is a big contribution to our army.  Also I thank ISAF Commander Gen McNeill for his help and attendance.”

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