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19 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-205

Task Force Uruzgan supports flooding crisis in Deh Rawod District

TARIN KOWT, Afghanistan – This morning, Task Force Uruzgan, deployed in Deh Rawod District as part of Operation Achilles, began rescue operations to assist close to 1,000 local residents needing evacuation because of the rising waters of the Helmand River.

ISAF Dutch forces are providing support through airlift; two Chinooks and two Cougars are being used to evacuate Afghans to pick up points established by the Afghan National Police (ANP) where they are being provided shelter, food and medical assistance if needed. There are approximately 250 ISAF ground forces providing emergency relief aid including medical assistance as needed.

“ISAF as always is ready to provide assistance when needed and are doing everything we can to provide assistance to the Government of Uruzgan and the local population,” stated Squadron Leader Dave Marsh, spokesman for Regional Command – South.

Uruzgan Governor Munib and the ANP are providing guidance and are working in conjunction with ISAF to provide immediate support to the local population. There are presently seven areas of concern that have been identified by ISAF forces. The village of Tsekzay, located 12 kilometers south of Deh Rawod and Kakrakah located 10 kilometers north of Deh Rawod are two of the most affected by the rising waters.

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