19 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-204

Afghan National Army training takes place at Camp Holland

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – On Thursday, 40 recently graduated Afghan National Army (ANA) recruits from the Kabul Military Training Centre commenced their three week professional training course at Camp Holland located in Tarin Kowt, Uruzgan Province.

The 40 ANA basic training graduates arrived in Tarin Kowt yesterday and are eager to get on with their career progression course. ANA training instructors will deliver 100% of the three-week course.

“These ANA training instructors were selected by their respective commanders and professionally trained under the Train-the-Trainer Program provided by the Dutch Operational Mentoring Liaison Team (NLD OMLT) in Uruzgan,” stated Major Marloes Visser, ISAF Task Force Uruzgan Spokesperson.

“The ANA instructors are more than qualified to deliver and run this course.  This is another strong indication of the growing strength of the ANA,” stated Major Visser.

The three-week course will introduce the soldiers to the basic principles of working within a Kandak (Battalion), the importance of teamwork, basic military operating procedures and full integration into military life. Upon graduation, they will be ready to take up various posts within Uruzgan Province, Major Visser said.

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