18 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-200

Medical outreach mission takes place in Barugay

BARUGAY, Afghanistan - More than 80 patients were seen during a Village Medical Outreach put on by the Qalat Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) March 14 in a Shinkay district village.

In addition to treating patients, the team brought eight metric tons of flour, beans, rice, cooking oil and chai for the village residents, as well as school supplies and toys for the children. 

“I like helping out the kids, trying to do the right thing and being good role models,” said Staff Sgt. Mark Deketelaere, PRT Civil Affairs noncommissioned officer-in-charge. “Any little bit we can do to put a smile on their faces and some food on the table is a start.”

Of the 80 patients seen, 30 were women. The most common patient ailments included arthritis, aches, stomach and digestive system problems, and headaches.

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