14 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-183

Tragic incident between ISAF troops and Afghan civilian

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – This morning, an Afghan National Army (ANA) and ISAF patrol were involved in a tragic incident resulting in the death of an Afghan civilian on Highway 4 in the vicinity of Spin Boldak, Spin Boldak district.

A truck approached the patrol and failed to heed repeated warnings to stop. The vehicle proceeded towards the convoy at speed ignoring commands to yield. After repeated signaling by the ANA and ISAF forces, the jingle truck drove around the ANA lead element and then headed straight for the middle of the convoy.

The patrol fired three well aimed shots into the engine block, regrettably, a ricochet hit the driver. The Afghan Border Police responded to the incident and has detained the passenger of the truck; there were no other injuries. ISAF deeply regrets this loss of life and would like to take this opportunity to remind the local population to stay clear of ISAF convoys.

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