14 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-182

Security Meeting in Herat

HERAT, Afghanistan – RC West Commander, Brigadier General Antonio Satta, attended a meeting to discuss security and development in Farah province, March 8.

Also present were the new Chief of Police in Bakwa, General Ishmel Kahn (now deceased), Governor of Bakwa, Safi Karahan, Commander Michael Horan, Commander PRT Farah, and 20 Bakwa’s district elders and shura members. Since the meeting General Ishmel Kahn unfortunately died as the result of a mine strike along Rt. 515.

Under the guidance of PRT Farah, steps to improve public security, civilian infrastructure improvement, agriculture and humanitarian support have been taken. However, poor life conditions remain in the district due to lack of job for young people, lack of water irrigation system and electricity.

Brigadier General Antonio Satta concluded the meeting by inviting everybody to make every effort to cooperate with ISAF Forces in order to create better conditions for security and development.

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