13 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-181

ISAF confirms death of extremist Mullah Jamaluddin

HELMAND PROVINCE, Afghanistan - A senior Taliban extremist commander, Mullah Jamaluddin, along with several of his followers were killed last week during offensive operations and precision air strikes targeting enemy positions.

“Jamaluddin was a violent Taliban extremist commander responsible for regular attacks in Garmsir” said ISAF Task Force Helmand Spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Rory Bruce. “He will no longer intimidate the people of Afghanistan and undermine the legitimate Government who is attempting to provide a secure environment for economic prosperity and reconstruction of major infrastructure to take place” he added.

Jamaluddin was the joint deputy commander of Taliban forces in the Garmsir area of southern Helmand Province. A significant number of insurgents were also killed during the operation which took place in the Nowa Kalay area to the south east of Garmsir District Centre.

Shortly after the launch of Operation Achilles last week, during the night of 7 March, these coordinated attacks were followed by Taliban propaganda that innocent women and children had been the killed during these strikes.

ISAF takes extraordinary precautions when planning operations against Taliban extremists to avoid harming non-combatants. The comprehensive assessment for the series of strikes which occurred on 7 March has now been completed and ISAF can confirm that no women and children were killed during these attacks. We have established however that the Taliban has suffered losses to its leadership and to their overall ability to continue to intimidate the local population and undermine the legitimate Government of Afghanistan.

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