12 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-176

Afghan National Police seize $3.5 million in drugs

KHOWST, Afghanistan – Afghan National Police (ANP) forces seized over 3,500 pounds of hashish, with an estimated value of US$3.5 million on March 10. One local Afghan was arrested at the scene.

Col. Mohhamud Noor, a counter-narcotics officer with the ANP, said the police received information of the location of the drugs by an unidentified informant. Once there, the police discovered 52 bags of hashish and several bottles of alcohol in the back of a delivery truck.

“This is the second largest drug seizure in the province this year,” Noor said.

Afghanistan is the world’s largest opium producer, and the ANP have been continually conducting anti-drug smuggling operations as illegal narcotics production challenges political and economic stability in Afghanistan. “Revenues from narcotics provide fresh resources for extremists, and the infrastructure that supports narcotics smuggling also serves their logistic needs,” said Noor.

“The ANA, Khowst Provisional Forces and the ANP are working together, their focus is one focus,” said Noor. “There is one enemy, one target.”

In response to growing international concerns with the link between drug trafficking and terrorism, Afghan security forces have increased their enforcement measures against illegal poppy crops and the drug trade in recent months.

“This is a great example of the people of Afghanistan working with their law enforcement agencies to take dangerous drugs out of the hands of criminals and terrorists”, said Army Maj. Donald A. Korpi, a spokesman for ISAF’s Task Force Fury, here in Khowst.

The drugs and alcohol will be destroyed in a controlled burn.

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