12 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-175

Afghan National Army captures suicide attack facilitator

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Late last week, during the conduct of security operations, Afghan National Army troops captured another high ranking suicide attack coordinator in the Panjwaii district, west of Kandahar city.

While conducting search operations near Zangabad, the Afghan National Army patrol captured Mullah Mohammad Wali. Prior to his capture, he was a well known organiser of suicide attacks in Kandahar Province, working for Taliban extremists.

“Although, these two suicide bomb facilitators have repeatedly targeted ISAF and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) personnel, they have in fact caused more deaths to innocent Afghans, including children,” stated Major General Ton van Loon.

“Arresting these two Taliban extremists is another indication that the combined efforts of ISAF and ANSF are making progress in improving security in Southern Afghanistan,” he added.

This arrest follows a successful week for the Afghan National Security Forces. They have disrupted a bomb making facility, captured Mullah Mahmood in Panjwaii, a suicide attack facilitator trying to escape dressed in a burka and this latest capture of Mullah Mohammad Wali.

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