11 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-172

Operation Achilles destroys Taliban position

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Yesterday morning ISAF forces destroyed a remote Taliban extremist position perched on a mountain ridge near Ghorak by calling in precision close air support.  Ghorak is situated in the northwestern part of Kandahar province and is the general area where the U.S. 1st-508th Airborne Infantry is manoeuvring operating as part of Operation Achilles.  This position was part of a wider web of Taliban extremist positions used to conduct operations aimed at de-stabilising the Government of Afghanistan.

The operation occurred during a visit from Major General Ton van Loon, Commander, ISAF Regional Command-South, to the battalion’s operating positions. 

“What you see here today is a very good example of how forces from various nations come together as one, under the multinational umbrella of NATO; where Dutch reconnaissance elements and Afghan National Security Forces are integrated within the operations of this American battalion,” said Maj Gen van Loon.

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