10 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-168

German Government to deploy Tornado aircraft to Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan – Yesterday, the German Bundestag voted by a large majority to deploy reconnaissance (RECCE) Tornado aircraft to Afghanistan.

The RECCE Tornados will be based at Masar-e-Sharif and will be operational by mid-April. Their mission is to contribute to aerial reconnaissance and surveillance.

RECCE Tornados have a capability profile fundamentally distinct from other reconnaissance means: they are capable of fulfilling rapid-reaction, focus-of-effort reconnaissance tasks; they can reach their area of reconnaissance quickly and can cover a large area in a very short period of time.  For example, RECCE Tornados can cover 90% of Afghan territory without in-flight refueling.

The reconnaissance capabilities provided by Germany are aimed at improving ISAF command and control capabilities and to increasing the overall efficiency of the stabilization and security operations.  Their presence will enhance ISAF’s reconnaissance capabilities.

This improved reconnaissance means additional security for the ISAF military personnel all over the country, the Afghan population, and civilian aid volunteers working in the country.

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