10 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-167

ISAF troops rebuild Health and Education Facilities

URUZGAN, Afghanistan - One of the key elements to ISAF’s efforts in rebuilding Uruzgan Province in southern Afghanistan is the provision of education and health infrastructure. To this end, the Australian 1st Reconstruction Task Force, a key partner in Task Force Uruzgan has several major projects underway. Two of these, the Tarin Kowt High School and the Tarin Kowt Hospital, are being refurbished and benefiting from many new construction projects.

The school is being completely refurbished. Australian Army engineers working within ISAF are responsible for the planning, design and management of the works, which are conducted by local contractors.

Initial work concentrated on general clean up of the school, repairing and making useable ablution facilities and improving the compound’s security to ensure future works and other contributions to the school could not be damaged or stolen.

Currently a complete refurbishment of the main teaching block is nearing completion. This project involved extensive structural repairs to the rundown building, additionally new windows were fitted, repairs were made to damaged render and subsequent repainting of the entire facility took place.

The pace of this project was designed to return the school to an operating state prior to the commencement of the school year. The efforts to improve this vital facility will continue with future projects including a new well and associated water storage facilities, new amenity blocks, and a complete refurbishment and installation of utilities and services as well as refurbishment of all other buildings within the compound.

“The school project is a great example of Australian and Afghan cooperation. As part of our mission in support of ISAF, we are able to provide the engineering and project management expertise while local contractors provide the construction efforts. Not only does the region get a greatly improved educational facility, but the local economy benefits from the extra work our projects generate.” Sergeant Nigel Hayden, the Task Force Building Supervisor explained.

The project at the Tarin Kowt Hospital is very similar with ongoing work to completely renovate the existing facilities and to coordinate the construction of new buildings including a new kitchen, out patients department and cholera ward.       

“We are a long way from Australia, but it is great to work with our ISAF colleagues to help rebuild a country which has suffered so much. In Australia we believe everyone deserves a fair chance and that is what all of the countries who are working in Afghanistan are striving to provide the local people.” Sergeant Hayden said.

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