10 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-166

Veterinary clinic under construction in Surobi

KABUL, Afghanistan - The first day of construction on a veterinary clinic in Surobi was celebrated on Thursday, March 8. This clinic is part of Operation Oqab Magnet. ISAF troops from the French battle group as part of Regional Command Capital in Kabul province are in charge of the project.

Two shuras were held in February, with ISAF troops and local elders taking part.  The project was launched when they identified the needs of the local population were based around agriculture and live stock.

General Pierre de Villiers, commander of Regional Command Capital, obtained funds from France, allowing ISAF to complete this project successfully.

Kabul’s Governor, Hadji Din Mohammad, with participation from the Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, has also supported this plan, so that Surobi could have land on which the new veterinary clinic could be built.

The high level of collaboration between the Afghan people, their government and ISAF RC-Capital has led to the realization of necessary projects for the population. “What we promise, we do.  The population of Surobi can see that their government and ISAF are involved in this district,” says General de Villiers.

Other completed projects in addressing the needs of the local population include medical clinics and schools for boys and girls; all of which were built by ISAF in the last few weeks.

The Surobi Governor and the representative of Ministry of Agriculture also announced their future projects for Surobi, including plans for an electricity network and new road construction.  All of these projects fall under the auspices of Operation Oqab Magnet, which began March 3.

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