8 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-158

ISAF refutes claim of downed aircraft

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Contrary to recent media enquiries based on false claims by Taliban extremists, ISAF has not lost an aircraft.

On Wednesday night, ISAF forces were conducting a resupply operation near Now Zad in northern Helmand Province when a parachute failed to open.

Small elements of the resupply equipment exploded on impact and ignited into flames. There were further explosions this morning as ISAF troops deliberately destroyed dangerous equipment.

There were no civilian casualties as a result of the event.

There was no insurgent involvement and there were no ISAF casualties or ISAF vehicles damaged by the accident.

Lieutenant Colonel Rory Bruce, an ISAF spokesman, said: “We apologise to any local people for the disturbance caused by this accident. For safety reasons, we urge local people to remain clear of the site until the Government of Afghanistan and ISAF forces have cleared the area of any potentially dangerous equipment.”

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