7 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-156

ISAF’s armour plated Aussies

URUZGAN PROVINCE, Afghanistan - ISAF efforts in Uruzgan Province received a boost with a new capability arriving in Tarin Kowt, that will greatly expand the scope and scale of reconstruction efforts in that region.

The 1st Reconstruction Task Force, Australia’s largest contribution to the ISAF mission, recently took delivery of a fleet of armoured plant machinery. The excavators, front end loaders, bulldozers, dump trucks and skid steer loaders, give the reconstruction effort in this area the means to engage in larger works, whilst offering the soldiers operating them the maximum protection from those who are against rebuilding and stabilising Afghanistan.

The machinery which was specially commissioned in Australia for the reconstruction effort in Afghanistan, represents the first fleet of armoured plant vehicles that country has ever deployed and has been put straight to work.

On its first mission, the plant equipment was utilised in an Uruzgan village, where locals were working tirelessly to construct protective walls to stop annual flooding from damaging their crops and homes. Locals working side by side with the ISAF troops completed works that would normally take weeks in one day, thus greatly accelerating the construction project.

“This armoured plant means that Australian engineers can now operate heavy construction machinery in the best available protection. We can take this equipment and really contribute to the rebuilding of this province and the overall ISAF mission.” Lieutenant Colonel Mick Ryan, Commander of the Australian Forces in Uruzgan said.

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