6 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-153

Ten Kandahar ANP patrolmen receive awards

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Yesterday, at the Afghan National Police Training Centre just outside of Kandahar City, Major General Ton van Loon, Commander, ISAF Regional Command South, and Major General Habib Rahman Zarzai, Commander, Southern Regional ANP, were on hand to praise the efforts of 10 ANP patrolmen who came to the aid of an ISAF convoy that was attacked by a vehicle borne suicide bomber last month (4 February).

“You showed true professionalism by working together in securing the scene and providing the necessary perimeter security allowing the ISAF soldiers and your colleagues to work together to conduct a proper investigation. Thank you for a job well done,” stated Major General van Loon.

“I am really proud of your skills and you have honored all ANP patrolmen in the South with your actions. The future of Afghanistan relies on this kind of police work,” stated Major General Zarzai.

In addition to their Certificate of Achievement, each patrolman received a bonus of one month’s salary for their brave and quick reaction during a critical time.

“We have to serve our dear Afghanistan the best the way we can. We only did what we were trained to do,” stated ANP Patrolmen Mohammed Rafiq and Mohammed Wali, two recipients of today’s Certificate of Achievement.

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