3 Mar 2007

PR# 2007-144

2,000 Khost citizens demonstrate against suicide attacks

KABUL, Afghanistan – Over 2,000 Afghan citizens, led by tribal elders and local officials, gathered at Khost Stadium on Mar. 1 to demonstrate their opposition to suicide attacks.

The gathering was addressed by the Khost Governor Arsala Jamal, the head of Mujahideen Shura; Maulvi Sardar Khan, tribal elder; Amir Zaman Sabri, religious scholar; Maulvi Muhammad Aqil and several other opinion leaders. The group also passed a resolution that included nine points against terrorist acts, suicide attacks and corruption.

"The citizens of Khost province support the legitimate, democratically elected Government of Afghanistan.  They condemn suicide bombers because they know that the only way to reconstruction and economic development is through peacefully rebuilding their country," said Col Tom Collins, ISAF spokesperson.

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