28 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-138

Kunar families receive goats

KUNAR PROVINCE, Afghanistan – Sarkanai District leaders of Kunar Province, Afghan contractors and the Asadabad Provincial Reconstruction Team gave over 200 goats to 45 local families Feb. 24.

The families received five goats apiece, courtesy of a program designed to encourage modern animal husbandry techniques, increase the size of the area goat herd and help poor families in the mostly rural northeastern province.

Cmdr. Ryan Scholl, PRT commander, and Sgt. Jarrett Warmack, Civil Affairs specialist, helped the contractors and Shura leaders distribute a total of 225 goats.

The Kunar livestock improvement program provides five goats per family for 45 families in each of the 14 districts outside the capital and 90 families in greater Asadabad. Shura members select participating families based primarily on need.

Afghan Ministry of Agriculture officials trained by ISAF Force veterinarians conducted a series of four seminars throughout the province. Warmack said instructors encouraged the farmers to practice “more scientific, more systematic” husbandry techniques. Participants were required to attend the classes.

Participating families repay the Shura one goat per year until they repay their five-animal debt. As the herd grows, repayment becomes less difficult. The Shura will use the goats and proceeds raised from their sale on behalf of provincial agricultural improvement efforts.

Ultimately, Kunar families will receive a total of 3,600 goats during the next month. “We’re trying to reach some of the people who haven’t received as much attention in the past, especially in the mountains and remote areas,” Warmack said. “Hopefully, they’ll become more economically independent and self-sufficient.”

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