26 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-132

Shura in Surobi District

SUROBI DISTRICT, Afghanistan – A large shura took place Feb. 24 in Surobi District, near Kabul, involving Government of Afghanistan (GoA) representatives, Afghan National Security Forces, Surobi Elders and ISAF.

This Shura was organized by GoA and Surobi Elders to discuss security and development in the district. It was the second such event organized about the ISAF support mission in Surobi.

“Within seven weeks [ISAF has made], food donations, medical donations for the Surobi clinic, supplied medical and veterinarian assistance, and opened two schools. We are trying to do our best and we want to improve your livelihood and to prevent violent actions against you and your homes”. said General Pierre de Villiers, ISAF Regional Command Capital commander, after the opening of the shura.

Kabul Governor, Hadji Din Mohammad, emphasized the importance of shuras, because of the presence of representatives from Parliament, Elders and ISAF. “We must separate ISAF from invaders because we practice our religion freely and they are here to help our country to reach its prosperous future,” he added.

“The Surobi district made many sacrifices during the war against the Soviet Union and the people of Surobi suffered for many long years. Now we are very pleased because the international community is here to develop and reconstruct [our country] as well as to improve security. I think it is enough. Do not let enemies of peace and stability infiltrate our area,” said Senator Mohammed Efzal.

Madam Shinkai Zahim Karukhel, from the Afghan Parliament, represented women of Surobi and spoke on behalf of them.

According to General Alim, chief of the Regional Police, “security is impossible without coordination of the people. Now we have a good opportunity to improve the safety in our area. Let's make use of this”. The Regional Police Command donated 2 cars to the Surobi police station. He added, “The Ministry of Interior has a lot of plans to enhance the police force in Surobi. These two cars are just a beginning”.

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