26 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-131

Nuristan PRT leaders meet with area sub-governor

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – Leaders from the ISAF Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) met with the sub-governor of Doab District Feb. 23 at Kala Gush.

Lt. Col. Todd Brown, Nuristan PRT commander, discussed area security with Mohammad Ali Usman, Doab District sub-governor. Brown, Usman and subordinate leaders planned district and provincial security, economic development and future coordination.

They also discussed a 34-member shura, or meeting, established by Gov. Tammin Nuristani. The Nuristan provincial governor’s forum will focus on alternatives to gem and wood smuggling and voluntary poppy eradication. The shura will encourage villagers to work alongside the Afghan government, Afghan National Security Forces and allied partners instead of militants.

Shura members will meet regularly and man the district center on a rotating basis.

Key PRT leaders expressed optimism about the meeting, local coordination and outreach efforts in general. “Everything we do bolsters the strength and legitimacy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” said U.S. Navy Lt. Steven Noakes, Nuristan PRT physician’s assistant. “Coordinating improves security throughout the area. The more we come together as a team, the stronger the country grows.”

The efforts around Kala Gush highlight the positive expansion of Afghan government presence in rural Nuristan, the northernmost province of Regional Command East. Efforts throughout last year marked many Nuristanis’ first contact with the Afghan government, ANSF and allied partners.

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