24 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-128

ISAF Troops deliver humanitarian aid in Naray

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – ISAF troops and Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) delivered humanitarian aid supplies during a series of distributions Feb. 22 at Forward Operating Base (FOB) Naray in north eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar Province.

ISAF personnel distributed the supplies to Kunar provincial government officials and ANSF, who in turn delivered aid to the villages.

The ISAF personnel and the Afghan authorities distributed food items such as rice, flour and tea along with clothing items, tarps and radios.  The authorities combined the humanitarian aid mission with a visit to ANSF operating at FOB Naray.  The distribution of these supplies also provided the Afghan National Police (ANP) with an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the government’s support for their people. 

“We have a very close operational relationship with local government officials, Afghan National Army soldiers, ANP and all ANSF throughout the northeast," said Army Maj. Eric P. Zenk, TF Spartan spokesman. “We partner with them to reach the people in the most effective manner possible. It has the additional benefit of letting the people see their government in action on their behalf."

“The Provincial Reconstruction Teams, Afghan government officials and the ANP have reached out to the people throughout the winter," Zenk added. “They’ve done a great job not only in Kunar, but in Nuristan and throughout the northeast, even in places where weather and poverty presented real challenges. Their efforts made a real difference for the people."

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