23 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-126

ISAF Troops build new road for locals

PATROL BASE WILSON, Zharey – On February 22 ISAF troops finished construction of a new road in the Zharey district. The road, named Route Summit, has been built in support of combat operations and has been completed in a shorter time period than expected to help Afghan National Security Forces and ISAF Troops provide security and move freely in the Zharey district as they battled with Taliban insurgents.

“The rehabilitation of this road marks a milestone by providing remediation for loss of use of the land under Route Summit,” said Lt.-Col. Bob Chamberlain, commander of the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team (KPRT). “I wish to highlight that we made a promise to complete this remediation process in a timely fashion and we are happy to do so today. This promise was fulfilled with the help of the Government of Afghanistan and principally-led by the local shura.”

The formalized process used included walking the ground with the individual families to ensure they received fair compensation. Indications are the landowners were supportive, appreciative, and happy with the amount of remediation. Many thanks were sent to Canadian members of ISAF for coming through on their promise and for continuing to help Afghanistan as it rebuilds itself after decades of fighting.

Lt.-Col. Chamberlain expressed optimism that with the return of people, the new attitudes, and the new road, there would be greater security and prosperity in the Zharey district. “I encourage everyone to continue to support their government and security forces by resisting and reporting insurgent activity,” he stated.

The total amount paid to families who were affected by the building of Route Summit was approximately, 40 million Afghani, or nearly $1 million Canadian. Payment made in Afghanis contributes to supporting the capacity building efforts of the Afghan economy.

This remediation followed a similar process for the southern part of the route and marks the end of the remediation for Route Summit. The KPRT commander ensured those in attendance understood that all future concerns would be raised through the elected government and the elected shura.

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