19 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-115

ISAF forces receive fire in Kandahar City

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – Last night, shortly before midnight, an ISAF convoy was fired upon twice with small arms fire and rockets whilst traveling though Kandahar City, resulting in 2 deaths as described below.

One ISAF vehicle sustained damage during the first attack and the convoy subsequently stopped. At this time the convoy received additional small arms fire and was approached by an Afghan civilian man. Despite repeated warning to move away from the convoy, he continued to approach; warning shots were fired and ignored. ISAF troops, acting in self defense, fired upon the individual, killing him.

Two additional armed civilians in dark clothing, advancing towards the convoy in low visibility, failed to heed warning shots, were then engaged by ISAF forces. It was subsequently determined that one of the individuals, an Afghan National Policeman, was killed.

A thorough investigation into the details surrounding these incidents is underway in consultation with the Ministry of Interior.

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