18 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-112

Latest phase of Operation Oqab winds down

BAKWA, Afghanistan – Phase five of the multi-day, Afghan National Security Forces-led Operation Oqab, supported by ISAF troops from the Farah and Herat Provincial Reconstruction Team’s (PRT) recently took place in the Bakwa, Delaram and Detut districts of Farah province.  

The operation included services provided by a Medical Civil Affairs Program (MEDCAP), a Civil Affairs team and a Police Support Team. PRT Farah commander Michael Horan, Col. Dayan Andarabi, and an Afghan National Army commander from Herat met with village leaders and encouraged their help in improving security in the district.

“I ask you to continue the strong partnership you have developed with my team at PRT Farah, the 11th Kandak, and General Aga of the Afghan National Police,” said Commander Horan. “I ask for your support in improving security in Bakwa by reporting any illegal activities or terrorist activities that endanger not only your ANA, ANP and coalition forces, but your family and friends who might become victims of mines or IEDs.”

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