17 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-109

PRT hosts Afghan women’s luncheon

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan – On 10 February female ISAF troops from Mehtar Lam Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) hosted a luncheon for local Afghan women to discuss women’s issues and progress in Laghman province.

The meeting served as an avenue to inform the women of current initiatives the provincial government is working on their behalf through the PRT.

One project which focused on women’s affairs, is the establishment of the first independent radio station in the province.  The new station will broadcast Salaam Watandar, a Kabul-based nationwide programme covering a variety of women’s issues.

Also on the agenda was Women’s Day.  This annual, nationwide event held in March attracted more than 3,000 women last year.  The women used the gathering as an opportunity to discuss the planning of the event, which expected to have a turnout similar to last year’s.

Across the country women have stepped into roles they had not filled in decades, if ever.  Most of the luncheon attendees were community leaders working either at the Laghman Women’s Affairs Office or the Laghman Provincial Council.

“We fully support the advancement of women’s rights in Afghanistan, as granted by the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,” said Air Force Lt. Col. Brad Bredenkamp, Mehtar Lam PRT commander, in a statement read by Logan at the beginning of the “women only” luncheon. “Women here have a tremendous amount to contribute to the reconstruction and development of Laghman province.”

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