17 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-106

PTAT graduates two classes

JALALABAD, Afghanistan – The Jalalabad Police Technical Advisory Team (PTAT) graduated two groups of Afghan National Police on Feb. 6 after they successfully qualified during a pistol-grip shotgun class and other training.

The Afghan Ministry of Interior gave 300 of the weapons to the Nangarhar Police Force who will issue the weapons to the district police stations as each district qualifies through the PTAT course. The Jalalabad Quick Reaction Team and the Lal Pur District Police Station were among the first 20 ANP officers to be trained on the pistol-grip shotguns by PTAT, a three-man team assigned to the Jalalabad Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) that is responsible for providing basic law enforcement skills and weapons training to the ANP in Nangarhar province.

“The first class was a success,” said Tech. Sgt. McGowan Anderson, PTAT leader. “The ANP were very eager to learn the weapon system and overcame individual challenges to successfully complete the course.”

PTAT expects to teach 21 more districts on the weapon system over the course of the next four months.

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