4 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-088

Operation OQAB winds up in Farah province

FARAH, Afghanistan - Another phase of Operation OQAB was completed on Friday night following a two-day, multinational mission to the Khaks-e Safid district of Farah province.

As with all OQAB operations in Regional Command-West, the mission was led by Afghan Security Forces (ANSF) and was supported by ISAF forces from PRT Farah and R C-West in Herat. The operation included a civil affairs team, police support team and a medical team.

The operation carried out a variety of activities including meetings with elders, village assessments, setting up police checkpoints and house-to-house searches conducted by the ANSF.  The searches uncovered 35 kilograms of opium, four weapons and some ammunition.

Afghan National Army (ANA) Colonel Abdul Jabar was responsible for promoting recruitment into the ANA, and emphasising that the ANA is a national security force that represented all the people of Afghanistan.

During talks with village elders, PRT Farah Commander Michael Horan, encouraged the elders to visit Farah City and actively engage with their government officials. “I encourage you to see all the ministerial directors, the Director of Education, Director of Agriculture, Director of Rural Rehabilitation and Development. It is very important that you engage those gentlemen in Farah and invite them to come to your village,” he said.

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