4 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-085

Senior Musa Qala District Taliban commander killed in air strike

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan – This morning, at approximately 8.30, a senior Taliban commander in the Musa Qala District was killed in a precision air strike by ISAF.

“This key Taliban leader was well known to have commanded insurgents within the Musa Qala District and was directly responsible for the recent uprising and insurgent attacks within the village of Musa Qala. By his removal, the elders and people of Musa Qala have been protected,” stated Squadron Leader Dave Marsh, spokesperson for Regional Command-South.

The Taliban commander was targeted in a precisely planned and well executed operation, while driving his vehicle in an isolated area outside the village of Musa Qala. Several secondary explosions occurred after the air strike, indicating there were sources of explosives and ammunition within the vehicle. There was no damage to the local population and minimal damage to the surrounding area.

“Through this precision air strike, we have shown superior capability and we will continue to execute our plans at the time and place that is most advantageous to the Government of Afghanistan and to the peace and security of the Afghan people,” added Squadron Leader Dave Marsh.

The operation was fully coordinated with the Government of Afghanistan.

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