2 Feb 2007

PR# 2007-081

Nuristan PRT commander,
governor participate in Shura

BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan (2 February) – During a recent trip throughout Nuristan province, Nuristan Governor Tamin Nuristani participated in a two-day Shura attended by about 100 village elders, Nuristan Provincial Reconstruction Team (Kala Gush) Commander, Army Lt. Col. Todd Brown and the Nurgram District Administrator, Mohamed Ali.

“Working through the local, provincial and national government of Afghanistan, PRT Nuristan (Kala Gush) is here to assist in the critical provincial reconstruction efforts needed to provide long-term solutions to the infrastructure problems faced by the people of Nuristan,” said Brown, while speaking to the assembled village representatives.

The need for security, jobs, education, electricity, roads, health clinics and access to fresh water were among the top issues brought forward by the village elders.

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