27 Jan 2007

PR# 2007-073

PRT Meymaneh, local leaders meet to discuss security concerns

MEYMANEH, Afghanistan – On Thursday, the Meymaneh Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) commander hosted the first meeting of its kind for Faryab, with three of the province’s most important political parties, Jumbesh, Azadi and Jamiat, invited to discuss the region’s current and future security concerns.

“The meeting was a success. The party representatives were organised and calm in their speeches and behaviour. It was true political dialogue with peaceful means,” said Lt. Col. Arne Opperud, commander of PRT Meymaneh.

The reason why the meeting was held at the PRT is because it serves as a neutral location for all three political parties to discuss sensitive issues. The PRT plans to organise more of the same type of meeting later this year to discuss development and education.

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